Our Team

Picture of Mindy Bratz

Mindy Bratz

My interest in repairing computers began when I was nine years old with my first DOS based computer class. Since that moment, I set to discover how I could expand its capabilities and took the initiative to successfully learn as much about computers as possible. Through research, trial and error and over the years of working for fortune five hundred companies, I soon learned that my knowledge for IT systems was far beyond even the level our corporate IT department had. My passion for computers lead me to partner with a family member for 847Techs; eventually branching out on my own. Hence the birth of 847Geekz. Our company was founded on the basic principle of providing a high level of customer service through experienced and knowledgeable support at a reasonable price.

Picture of Ken Bratz

Ken Bratz

I became interested in computers and repair work at a young age. Like most boys I was tearing everything apart to see how it goes back together. My hidden love for computers lead me to an amazing career. I’ve worked from Start-ups, to Enterprise, all the way Global Fortune 500 companies. I have over 21 years of professional computer experience. With a range of basic hardware troubleshooting, Clients and Server side software, and Linux clustering. There isn’t anything I haven’t experienced and can’t bring back to life when it comes to computing.